Entrepreneurs must have clear understanding of the market, their competitors and the financial dynamics of the industry they are addressing. We are an early investor and generally provide company’s first round of capital and we look for companies that can effectively leverage this capital for technology, marketing and other operational aspects for providing unique solutions to customers.

Companies seeking Venture Capital assistance may please forward their Executive Summary (not exceeding 4-5 pages) online keeping in mind investment criteria, objective and the area of operation of the respective fund under management. If the proposal looks interesting, then we will schedule an initial meeting with the prospective company to understand more and better. The executive summary must contain the following information in brief :-

  • Company Background - Short overview of the company, geographical location, founders background, funding so far, if any
  • Market Opportunities – Needs, Value Proposition, Size & Growth of Market
  • Products/Technology – Differentiation, Barrier-to-Entry, Price & Cost
  • Target Market – Competition, Entry Strategy, Positioning, Distribution
  • Operating Plan - Historical Results, Extract of Profit/Loss account & Balance Sheet
  • Funding - How much & for what purpose? Financial projections that will take the company until next round of funding.

Fund Managers reserves right to reject application seeking VC assistance from all Funds under management without assigning any reasons thereof.

Applications for Venture Capital assistance are invited from companies in the field of AVGC, AI, ML, Medtech, EV and such other Disruptive Technologies Venture Capital Fund